Cervical arthroplasty (artificial disc) as an alternative to cervical fusion:

Cervical arthroplasty, or an artificial cervical disc, is an innovative alternative to fusion in some patients with neck and arm pain due to cervical disc disease. It allows for restoration of disc height and decompression of nerve roots while maintaining normal cervical range of motion and preventing adjacent segment disc degeneration in the future.

Both anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) and artificial disc replacement procedures entail complete removal of the cervical disc and bone spurs, wide decompression of the nerve roots, and placement of an interbody device or bone spacer to restore proper disc height and maintain alignment. In an ACDF, fixation is then reinforced with an anterior titanium plate and screws to allow a fusion to occur over time.

Conversely, cervical arthroplasty with a Mobi-C (trademark) or other artificial disc device is a motion-sparing option with an implant that neatly fits into the disc space, maintains normal range of motion, and thus reduces stress placed on adjacent discs in the cervical spine. This may prevent adjacent segments from degenerating and requiring surgery in the future. Mobi-C (trademark) is FDA-approved for 1- or 2-level procedures in the cervical spine and has well-established evidence showing at least equivalence to ACDF at 5 years with fewer subsequent surgeries, quicker return to work, and excellent overall results.

We are pleased to offer artificial disc replacement in the cervical spine as an alternative to fusion in properly selected patients and look forward to discussing this option with you.

Mobi-C Cervical Artificial Disc